You packed all of your gear, all your tents, chairs, sleeping bags, stoves and lanterns. After you arrive at camp, it's usually the little things that you forget at home. The Essentials Camp Crate is just for that occasion.  A crate loaded full of all of the little things that seem to slip through the cracks and you need to wind up buying at the camp general store.  It's also the perfect crate for someone who is new to camping. Check out all that we stuffed into this Camp Crate. 

Let's get to the treasure of this Camp Crate, the 2000 lumen  headlamp.  You won't be short on light with this beauty.  For comparison, the basic headlamp at the big box stores is around 100 to 150 lumens.  This is like having a spotlight on your head.  A headlamp you will use for years to come.  The headlamp comes with 2 - rechargeable batteries, a charger and a car charger.

Also included is a telescoping marshmallow fork.  Who doesn't love s'mores.  Now you can still kick back in your chair and reach the fire with this great s'mores fork.  

A set of p-51 can openers. One to keep with the crate and one to throw into the your backpack.

We included a sweet torch lighter to blast through tough winds when starting a campfire or lighting the stove. 

Who doesn't forget bringing mantles for the lantern?  That is something that always gets left behind. We put a couple of those in also. 

Bugs at camp? We don't need no stinkin' bugs. Spray your self with some Repel Bug Spray and don't worry about those bugs anymore.

Starting a campfire can be a challenge, especially if the wood is damp or the wind is gusting through camp.  We included two different fire starters for you to try out. One packet of Instafire and one 16 ct. box of Tumbleweeds.  Instafire can be used in wind or when wet. It also burns at nearly 1000 degrees so it can light wet wood. I t burns on snow, water and ice and burns for 10 to 15 minutes. Even better is that the leftover ash is a natural fertilizer.  Tumbleweeds are good for starting fires or charcoal.  

You'll always end up needing a multi-tool on every camping trip. We threw in a Cabelas Multi-tool that will come in handy for all those quick fixes and repairs around camp. Stainless steel construction with and assortment of attached tools that include flat-nose pliers, wire-stripper, knife, phillips and flat head screwdrivers, saw, bottle opener and scissors. Nylon sheath included.

Silverware is something that gets left behind.  Try this set of Ozark Trail folding 7 in one Utensils. The hooks on our camp crate were originally put there just for these.


(1) Original Camp Crate
(1) Cabelas Multi Tool
(1) 2000 Lumen Headlamp with batteries, charger and a charger
(1) Telescoping Marshmallow Fork
(1) Set of two Coleman Mantles
(1) Package of Coughans P-51 Can openers
(1) Packet of Instafire Firestarter (enough to start 4 campfires)
(1) Tumbleweeds Fire Starters (16ct.)
(1) Box of Cracker Jack
(1) Claey's Hard Candy (assorted flavors)
(1) Repel Max Bug Spray
(1) Refillable Torch Lighter
(1) Ozark Trail 7 in 1 Utensil Set

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Essentials Camp Crate

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