• Inferno Camp Crate


Get ready to bring the spice! This Camp Crate is all about the spicy, sweat making, sinus clearing heat.  We loaded this Camp Crate with a few favorites like the relatively mild (3,600 on the scoville scale) Cholula Sauce to the insane heat of Spontaneous Combustion hot sauce.  A few drops on a chip or a splash on some hot wings and you'll be feeling the sting for a while.

We've covered the bases in between with a bag of Sriracha Jack Links Beef Jerky and a sampler pack of hot sauces which includes four mini bottles including Ass Blaster, Spontaneous Combustion, Hot Sauce From Hell and Devil's Revenge Hot Sauce From Hell. 

Looking to use that Dutch Oven? Use the Ass Kickin' Beer Bread made with Habanero Peppers to spice up that dinner at camp. 


(1) Camp Crate Chuck Box
(1) (4 pack) mini bottles 0.75 oz. each

  • Spontaneous Combustion
  • Ass Blaster Hot Sauce
  • Hot Sauce From Hell
  • Devil's RevengeHot Sauce From Hell

(1) 3.25 oz. Jack Links Sriracha Beef Jerky
(1) 3 oz. Cholula Hot Sauce
(1) 1 lb. bag Ass kickin' Beer Bread
(1) 5 oz. Bottle Spontaneous Combustion hot Sauce

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Inferno Camp Crate

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