This is the Kick Ass Camp Crate.  The one and only. the whole enchilada, the Big Lebowski. This is what we do.

You know you want one, you know your camping buddies would love one as a gift. We built it tough. We built it just the right size for the camp cook because who wants to lug around a bunch of stuff you never use anyway. Put your gear in here that you know your gonna use. Each Camp Crate has a large storage area in the front with a door that clamps shut, a recessed storage area and four hanging hooks are on the backside for those easy to get to items like keys or flashlights, utensils or your leatherman utility knife.  

Camp Crates have a plethora of uses, you can;

  • Pack all of your spices into it and put it right next to your stove at so all of your tasty cooking stuff is all in one place.
  • Put a plastic bag in it and fill it with water to do your dishes.
  • Dance around it at the campsite showing your excitement for the Crate so all of your camping neighbors think you are weird.
  • Hang much used items like silverware or flashlights or car keys on the hooks on the back of the crate so you don't run around all crazy like looking for said items.
  • Carry the box around collecting pine cones with the kids to use as fire starters when you get to camp.
  • Keep all your essential gear like toiletries and cleaning supplies in one handy dandy location.
  • Use it as a nightstand next to your sleeping bag or cot then store your headlamps, flashlights and stuff you won't need while you are camping like your cell phone.
  • Put your lantern on it while cooking to get nice even light across the cooking area.

Want to upgrade it?  add a shelf by drilling some holes and placing some shelf brackets. Add a battery powered LED light that you can pick up at any of the big box stores.

Really, there are so many things that you can use this for I can't even imagine what you might put in it or do with it.  What did you use yours for? send me a picture at  We would love to see how you used yours.


(1) Camp Crate Chuck Box
(1) Cardboard Shipping Box (use it as a fire starter, why not)

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Original Camp Crate

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